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Wednesday, February 2nd 2011

10:00 PM

Let the Blogging Begin!

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Day one of my newest blog.  I've done the blog thing before, not entirely successfully, but I am a firm believer in perseverance, or I wouldn't be doing what I do!  Ok, so currently I am working on a couple of velvet paintings for a show at One Wicked Gallery in Wilmington, NC.  This gallery is more offbeat than my usual style, so I look forward to stretching my boundaries a bit.  I have completed one piece already, I call it "Wicked Tiger":


Now I'm working on two other pieces, a lion similar to the tiger in size but using tan velvet, and a peacock on black.  I think the blog was being used as a stall tactic... I have the preliminary sketches on the velvet and now it just means I have to paint.  That's always the hard part.    Stay tuned, I'm gonna go paint a bit!
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